About Us

Dathan and Jennifer were married in 2008. Jennifer originally hails from Detroit, Michigan, but moved to Raleigh in 1995 looking for a new start. Dathan comes all the way from San Jose, California, where he left his job at the San Jose Mercury News to work for Raleigh's Triangle Business Journal. 

While at home, the two like to spend time with their three furry children. They have three rescue cats: Sleestak Snowduk, Hamilton Baxter and Winifred Waffles and two angel kitties: Mai-Tai and Oreo Cookie. 

While not blogging about local events here in the Raleigh-Durham area, the two enjoy exploring all the great areas of North Carolina in addition to enjoying such hobbies as photography, travel, hiking, craft beer and drinking great wine. 

They have traveled to several wineries here in North Carolina, as well as others in Michigan, Virginia, Ohio and Florida and over 90 breweries in the state of North Carolina alone.