Sunday, September 14, 2014

Magnificent Mile Race takes over Raleigh


By Jennifer Primrose and Dathan Kazsuk | Sep 14, 2014

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On Friday, Aug 22, 2014, I was presented with the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS. I politely declined the challenge but pledged to donate to organizations and participate in fundraising events to support causes near and dear to my heart through the end of the year. My first was to participate in the Magnificent Mile on Sunday, Sept. 14.  Unfortunately, due to a sick feline family member, I had to miss the race to care for my 18-year old cat at home. However, Dathan did participate in the race and here is his blog:

We try to help out as many charities as we can each year. It’s a small little motto we live by. From helping the animals at the SPCA to staying up all night for the American Cancer Society. From beads of sweat dripping from our brow after a 5K run on Thanksgiving, to getting dressed to the 9’s for a night out with celebrities. It’s something that makes Jen and I feel good about ourselves.

This year alone we’ve gone to events to help raise money or awareness for the Stephen Siller Foundation, Frankie Lemmon School, Watauga Humane Society, SPCA of Wake County, the American Cancer Society and several events which raised money for the Jim “Catfish” Hunter chapter of the ALS Association. The latter of which is on Sept. 14 when I took part in the Magnificent Mile Race in downtown Raleigh.

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The Magnificent Mile Race was inspired by Sarah Witt (right).
Finding a cure for motor neuron disease is the main goal behind this race, and the beneficiary of 2014 was the local ALS Association. Recently I took part in the ALS Ice-Bucket Challenge, when my friend Cameron called me out. Hailing from California, I decided I wasn’t going to use water since my home state is going through a major draught … so I used a case of Milwaukee’s Best beer.

But for this race, all I had to do was jog a mile. That beats dumping bad, cold beer on my head! There with several friends from the Umstead Park United Church of Christ, we enjoyed the day leading up to our Recreational Mile Run/Walk.

During the competitive men’s race, someone completed the mile in 4:12. Wow! How can that be? Seriously? How do people run a mile that fast? For me, I finished in 10:11, and I thought I could have done it in 9:30 … but such is life. I crossed the finish line.

Members of the Umstead Park United Chruch of Christ pose for a photo.

It was also nice to hear that since 2006, the organization has raised more than $450,000 before this year’s run, and had some big name Triangle sponsors such as Quintiles, Lenovo, CASL and The Q Shack. I also have to hand it to the Umstead Park United Church of Christ which had close to 100 members either running or volunteering at the event.

This will be another event to add to next year’s calendar of charitable giving. And if you’re looking for a nice family friendly outing, you should look into it as well.