Sunday, October 5, 2014

Festifall Arts Festival offers arts, music and outreach

Chapel Hill's Festifall Arts Festival was an afternoon of arts, music and awareness.
Photo by Gina Sanders


By Gina Sanders, Guest Blogger | Oct 5, 2014

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It could not have been a more beautiful Fall day for Chapel Hill’s Festifall Arts Festival. At 65 degrees, W. Franklin Street was a hub of activity. My daughter, Haley Reeder, talked about how cool it was to see all the creative energy alive and my husband Gary said he really enjoyed the variety of music that was playing. One of the vendors spoke of how they appreciated the organization of the early set up because it allowed her to walk around before the public arrived so she could see all that was being represented today.

I would encourage you to check out some of my whimsical favorites: Hand crafted mixed media mosaics by Gina Boyle at, sculptures by, copper art at, gorgeous wooden bowls by Al Hartman at, and pottery by our friend Nancy at   Paintings done with bee’s wax, felted florals, stained and fused glass creations, hand painted silk scarves, not to mention various styles of jewelry – these events are perfect for finding something local and unique for gift giving!  Hint-hint!

Music danced in the air from one end to the other. The Koolest had the crowd energized from the Live & Local stage when we arrived.  I’m a little sad that I didn’t plan enough in advance to catch Lynn Blakely’s performance on the DSI Stage, because I love the tone in her voice. A delightful surprise was a group of four guys sitting on a low wall; strumming, plucking, and spooning their bluegrass jams - calling themselves Piedmont Regulators.

This was also a great venue for public outreach!  We were asked if we were registered to vote and encouraged to make ourselves aware of any new voting laws. Library cards, Triangle Transit, and smoke detector awareness were also represented.

Gina Sanders and Haley Reeder 
at the Festifall Festival on Oct. 5
Photo by Gina Sanders

The Interactive Zone was alive with families with children learning how to create (and take home) their own Spin Art. Poetry Fox wrote custom poems and the North Carolina Symphony let kids try and learn about a variety of instruments. Let us not forget about the NCLUG Lego sculptures with tables of free standing Legos for kids to get their own creative juices flowing.  I really love events like these that are also kid friendly!

It was a great afternoon to enjoy some of the creativity that makes living in the Triangle such a treat! Buy local!