Saturday, February 14, 2015

Finding Love at SPCA's Bark & Wine With Your Valentine


By Jennifer Primrose | Feb 14, 2015

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Thursday, Feb. 12 we began our Valentine’s Day celebrating early with the furry ones at the SPCA of Wake County’s 10th Anniversary 2015 Bark & Wine with Your Valentine event, held at the Curtis Dail Pet Adoption Center in Raleigh.  This sold out event to benefit the SPCA of Wake County had food donated by 18 Restaurant Group, Mitchell’s Catering and Trader Joe’s and with wine and beer donated by Mim’s Distributing Company. The evening was abuzz with animal lovers up close and personal with four-legged Valentines.

There was no better way to embark on the holiday weekend of love than with puppy kisses and feline balls of fur!  Upon arrival we promptly affixed our name tags, were handed our 10th Annual Bark & Wine commemorative wine glass sponsored by BottleMixx, served a sample of a 2011 Campo Lindo Tempranillo and went directly to the Cat Adoption wing to visit with the kitties.

What I loved about the event was that it affords one the opportunity to spend time with the pets up for adoption.  However, I am sure that some of the cats would disagree, as their world of quiet and calm just got turned upside down as was evidenced by one grumpy black cat named Miles who promptly turned away from all visitors!  He wasn’t the only grumpy kitty we encountered that evening.  Lucky for us, we’re cat people and understand “cattitude” and just laughed it off!

As we made our way through the Cat Adoption Wing, we met so many wonderful felines looking for their forever home. There was a precious pair, Minnie and her brother Mickey, who, unfortunately had to wear the ”cone of shame” due to a scratched cornea. But what a sweetheart!  Rambunctious kittens were tearing around playing with their toys without a care in the world as they were surrounded by smiling faces peering into their rooms. I also had a mission this evening.  After losing two of my precious feline fur babies in two years, leaving behind our other two ... was it time for us to adopt again? I most definitely had an ulterior motive!  And alas, I found love this Valentine’s Day with a little black and white girl named Nirvana (see below).

We mustn’t forget the dogs and puppies.  Still on my mission for a new companion ... was a dog in our future? The excitement dogs portray is indescribable as they wag their tails and almost smile when they see a new face. Yet again, we met some absolutely amazing dogs up for adoption.  There was Candace, a three year old black lab/hound who is just a love. And then we met Miriam, a 1 year old brown brindle Dutch Shepherd. She was our favorite dog of the night, but apparently we weren’t the only ones who thought so – as I noticed she was adopted the next day! Great news for Miriam! And a decision made for us.

And then there were the puppy kisses!  Oh my! If I honestly thought I could handle raising a puppy as well as an 11-and 12-year old cats and all live in harmony, I would not think twice.

If you are considering adopting a pet, Triangle Around Town recommends checking out the SPCA of Wake County. Whether we embark on that journey of adoption again remains to be seen, but if and when we do, we will be making the trip to Garner in search of our next member of the family.