Tuesday, February 9, 2016

North Carolina versus Colorado Beers During Super Bowl 50

By Dathan Kazsuk | Feb 9, 2016

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Super Bowl 50 between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos didn't go exactly how I had planned. I was hoping that the Panthers would come up with a win, but in the end, the best team won. From the Panthers sloppy antics, the horrible halftime show and Peyton Manning kissing Papa John himself after he won it all – I needed something to make this game worth watching.

So what is there to do? Well, how about my own Super Bowl of beer. So between our friends Gina and Gary, Jen and myself grabbed a mix 6-pack of NC and Colorado beers to see the final results.

So here's a list of the beers and how I rated them against one another:

1. Avery Brewing's White Rascal vs Carolina Brewing Co.'s Brown Ale
The Belgium-style White Ale from Denver's Avery beat Carolina to start the game ... kind of like what the Broncos did to the Panthers in the first quarter. Colorado 1, North Carolina 0.

2. Great Divide's Titan IPA vs Big Boss Brewing Co's The Big Operator
This version of Big Operator's ale was blended with raspberries and cacao ... and it was pretty good. Not to mention that we had a little bottle malfunction with the Titan. As soon as we popped the cap, we got an eruption of IPA suds. Colorado 1, North Carolina 1.

3. SKa Brewing's Modus Hoperandi vs Wicked Weed's Gluten Freek
This was a hard one. I love Wicked Weed, but I really like Modus as well. It just stinks that Ska Brewing has stopped distribution here to North Carolina lately ... and because of that, I didn't have a fresh IPA from Ska. If I did, I would have given them the win. Colorado 1, North Carolina 2.

4. Fort Collins Brewery's Double Chocolate Stout vs Green Man's Dweller
It was chocolate versus coffee in this one. I liked both, but felt a little more like chocolate. Around this time was when Cam got the ball knocked out of his hand and recovered by Denver in the end zone. I'm mad at Carolina! Colorado 2, North Carolina 2.

5. Great Divide's Old Ruffian vs Aviator Brewing's Night Jump
By the time we got to the Night Jump, the game was just about over. Our offensive line just couldn't stop Von Miller and Demarcus Ware. But the barrel aged stout from Aviator was so good it put the game in the backseat. But the Old Ruffian barley wine ale was pretty good as well. I cracked that one open while watching the post-game interviews. Both good, but have to give it to Aviator. Colorado 2, North Carolina 3.

6. Left Hand Brewing Co.'s Milk Stout vs Deep River's Collaboration without Representation
Now, we actually didn't even delve into these, but anyone from the Raleigh area knows hands down that Deep River's barrel aged milk stout is no match for Left Hand's milk stout. Sort of like how Carolina ended up being no match to Denver's defense. Colorado 2, North Carolina 4.

Now that's how Super Bowl 50 should have ended! With a Carolina win. But it didn't happen in Santa Clara ... but inside the Triangle Around Town batcave ... it was a Carolina win.