Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pairing Halloween candy with craft beer

By Dathan Kazsuk  | October 25, 2016
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Halloween is tomorrow night, and by you should be stockpiled with candy to hand out to all the little kids that will knock on your door. Treat-or-Treat. The little ninjas and Kylo Ren's extending their bags in hopes for something good to eat. A miniature Snickers bar or a bag of Skittles. With all this candy in the house we decided to put together a beer and candy pairing of our own. Some pairings were better than others – and all the added calories has the makes of a new diet plan starting on Tuesday.

Below we paired up six different types of candy with six different beers purchased from a local bottle shop here in town.

1327 S. Mint Street, Charlotte, NC

Unknown’s Ginger Wheat (5.1% ABV) paired up with the original Haribo Gummi Bears. The slight taste of the ginger and citrus in this creamy wheat beer paired well with Gummi Bears, especially the red and orange bears.

1616 General Electric Road, Unit #1, Bloomington, IL

Lynbrook Berliner Weisse is part of Destihl’s Wild Sour Series and its sour raspberry taste was a perfect pairing with the Lingonberry flavor of the original red Swedish Fish. The sour beer also went well with the lemon-flavor fish.

1053 E. Whitaker Mill Road, Raleigh, NC

We thought the 7% ABV IPA would pair well with some Watermelon Sour Patch Kids. We were wrong. Don’t get us wrong, Sour Patch Kids are a great treat, and Hop on Top is one of our favorite Raleigh IPA on the market – just that this combo didn’t blend the way we thought it would. The aromas of citrus, grapefruit and pine and that medium-high bitterness of the hops didn’t pair with the tangy sour of the candy.

2072 Stoneman Circle, Lakewood, NY

The Imperial Sour Ale brewed with tart cherry juice was our favorite sweet candy pairing of the tasting. We paired this up with the original strawberry Twizzlers. Cherry and strawberry mixed together? You can’t go wrong with that. Sour. Sweet. Tart. We loved it all.

700 W. Main Street, Clayton, NC

Although we feel the whole “pumpkin” beer craze needs to go away, there are a few good local beers out there that use pumpkin – and Deep River makes one of them with its Pumpkin Pie Porter. The aroma of pumpkin, dry cocoa and a hint of smoke made this a good pairing with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. And being that there was pumpkin in the beer, of course we had to pair it with the Pumpkin shaped cups! More please!

2229 N. Davidson Street, Charlotte, NC

We went back to another porter to end the tasting. This time we went with NoDa’s Coco Loco Porter brewed with cocoa nibs and coconut. It was only fitting we paired this up with with some Almond Joy miniatures. With both the beer and the candy containing chocolate and coconut, it was a double dose of sweetness. The aesthetics of this bold, rich porter drinks like a dessert – making it a beer suitable for (at least for us) daily consumption.